Tuesday, September 23, 2008

this and that

Just a quick note to fill you in on what's new in the family.

B. has taken to calling me "babe" when he wants my attention. ("mom, mom, mom, mom, babe, babe..) It started a few days ago. J. thinks it's pretty funny. I'm just hoping he doesn't do it in the middle of church.....awkward.

G. has dyed her hair pink. I know what you're thinking...but it was actually my idea. hehe I was reading a book recently and the main character is a hairdresser. Her daughter dyed her hair with koolade and it gave instructions in the book. What the heck?!?! So I asked G if she wanted pink hair. She, of course said "YEAH!" It looks so cute and it washes out in just a few days. She was worried that J was get upset but I told her since he has a Mohawk, he really can't say a whole lot.

S. is on a "whose in charge" kick. Anytime she is told something she doesn't like, she claims the other parent is actually in charge and she only listens to them. Of course, this varies from hour to hour depending on her mood.

I. has changed his mind about going into a computer career after high school. He is thinking about something in the music industry. His new school is really pushing him to maintain a high GPA. I have no doubt he can do the work, I just wish he would realise how dang smart he is!!

J. still has his stupid Mohawk.....blagh! Hate the thing! He has his own blog now and it is HUGELY popular! It's all entertainment reviews. Ya'll should check it out if you haven't.

Me, I'm getting ready to fly back to FL this weekend to pack up the house. No, it hasn't sold yet, but the realtor thinks it will sell faster empty. I do not fly well....so this should be interesting.

That's it!! love to you all!!!

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