Thursday, September 18, 2008

An unnatural fear.

Ok, as most of you know, I have a few phobias. Fear of the Dark, heights, small places, and, oh yeah....CATS! I try very hard not to pass my fears down to my kids. I put on a brave face when we ride ski lifts and when the electricity goes out. I tell them "Don't be silly, there is nothing to be afraid of!" I even convinced I. (our 14 yr old) to go out to the garageand get something for me while the resident rat lived there. "Don't be silly," I said, "that rat is more afraid you than you are of him!" (well, I sure as heck wasn't going out there!!!!)

My baby girl S. has topped me. At the tender age of 4, She has developed and unnatural fear of dressers.

It all started back in Arizona. The girls were sharing a room and had their own TV in there. It was perched on top of a dresser. In retrospect, probably not the best place for it....but there it is. G was lying on the bed and kicking the dresser. I don't know why, but who knows why a 7 year old does anything. Anywho, the TV started to fall, She tried to stop it and ended up being underneath the TV and the dresser. She wasn't hurt, just scared. S, who witnessed the whole thing, decided that screaming and running from the room was the best response. She apparently does not handle a crises situation very well.

A couple of months back, it was S. who was smooshed (it is so a real word!). There was something on top of the dresser that she wanted and decided that climbing the drawers was the best way to get it. Down came the dresser with her caught underneath. Again, she wasn't hurt, just scared.

A few weeks later, G. and S. thought it would be great to have a hammock in their room. They tied one end of the blanket to the closet door and the other end to the dresser. Well, much to their surprise, it didn't hold and, you guessed it, down came the dresser.

Now my poor baby gets nervous when ever she gets too close to a dresser. Could be worse, I guess. Could have been Cats!!!!!!!!


thebonebreaker said...

hahahahahaha - I was laughing out loud at this post - Nice write-up!

Poor S! :-)

Ryan said...

HAHA!! "dresser phobia" :)