Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Hi to all our friends and family and anyone just visiting. Welcome to our first blog! My hope is to cronicle our travels from this point on and be able to log on more frequently with updates.
My first priority, of course, is to protect my family. So, while I will tell you what state we are in, I will not be mentioning the exact city. Also, the kids will all be refered to by their first initial. If I slip up and break my own rule, I'm counting on everyone to help me and point it out.
We have been on the road for almost a year now (can you believe it?) and it has been more exciting than we could have imagined! We are currently in WI and it looks like we will be here through Thanksgiving. We have never really experienced an Autumn and we are looking forward to the season. I am working for a Pediatric Cardiologist in an outpatient clinic. I really like the job and the Agency (Aureus) has been wonderful! I work four 10's which is new for me. I didn't think I would like it (10 hrs is a long day) but it's not as bad as I thought and I am quickly getting used to the three day weekends!!!
G and S started vacation bible school yesterday. They go from 9am till noon. S is such a hoot! Just listening to her describe her day is so funny. She is so animated it's hard not to laugh when she's talking to you! Aparently, she cried at first when she realised that her and G wouldn't be in the same class and it took "like, a hundred big ladies" to calm her down. I think she's ok with the idea now.
G has sign language (something she has always been facinated with), tie dye art and cheerleading. She doesn't like cheerleading though because "you're not allowed to do cartwheels, not even one!"
I. is taking guitar lessons on Wednesdays. He is really progressing. If you want to hear him play, I know he's been posting some of his songs on his myspace.
Well, I guess this is long enough for now. I will try and post pics but bare with me as I am new to all of this!

Love to all!!!!

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Looks Good Babe! :-)