Monday, July 21, 2008

End of VBS

Hello to all!
Well, it's been a busy week. G and S finished vacation bible school on Friday and had a performance that night. G did an entire song in sign language that was just beautiful. She also did a couple of cheers. It was neat to watch her with her friends. She is such a social butterfly! S sang and danced to two songs. Very Cute! I video taped all three performances and if I ever figure out how to get it onto the computer, I'll send it out to ya'll.

The boys went to see the new batman movie and talked about it all night. Guess that means it was good! I. is still practicing his guitar and improves every day. He's counting the days until he goes home to FL, I think he really misses his friends. He already has homework that has to be turned in the first week of school. Two reading assignments and book reports. Fortunately, one of the books on the list was "The Outsiders" and I talked him into that one. I loved that book when I was his age and I think he is enjoying it more than he thought he would.

B is becoming such a ham. His new "thing" he likes to do is have someone shoot him with a laser and then he falls over and does a death scene that rivals Paul Reuben's in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie.

The weather here has been pretty warm this week (mid 80's all week) but there is always a cool breeze and it's nice at night. The apt we're in only has a window a/c which is kinda odd. Apparently, a lot of places don't even HAVE a/c. Weird.

Well, that's it for now.
love to all!!!

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